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Welcome to Our Wholesome Home!

We’re excited to share our journey to a more wholesome life and hope that you can enjoy our recipes and hints learned throughout our adventure.

Our Story

Our journey started a few years back when a close family member was diagnosed with cancer. We were shocked!! How could this happen to someone who was young and healthy. We attended a cancer education retreat which changed our course of life. We can truly say that we are thankful from all we’ve learned in this experience – we’re also thankful that we can share our learning with you 🙂

Our home is in Central Queensland, Australia. Living in a regional town has made us resourceful as access to many foods, products and services are limited. As we both work full-time we know the challenges of creating a balanced life.

A Note from Mr Wholesome

I currently work full-time in the water treatment industry and get to help people everyday. Currently I feel in a great place having worked in construction for most of my life so I really undestand the stresses from working hard and tunnelling all that effort into the next pay check. To tell you the truth when Mrs Wholesome suggested living a whole food plant based life it was pretty daunting and while I tried to embrace it, at first it was hard to see the positive impacts it would bring. These days I understand the importance of a balanced life, less stress and helping others do the same. Hope to hear from you.

A Note from Mrs Wholesome

I’m a marine scientist and a teacher. When I attended the cancer retreat with my Mum I took my cynical science mind with me. However, I was overwhelmed with the research that supports the impact that lifestyle has on all aspects of our lives. Living a wholesome life is not a fad, it is learning to live in a way that supports the health of our lives, positively impacts those we care about and even reduces impact on our earth.

Why We Want To Help People

Changing our lifestyle is hard – we’ve been there too!
Sharing our whole food recipes
Explaining the science behind lifestyle medicine
Recommend products that have been tested and tried in our own home
Help you with organic gardening

The Goal Of Our Site

Is to bring positive change into your life and inspire you to make changes where you will reap the benefits.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Mr & Mrs Wholesome



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